How to Shift Your Perception

Today is a great day to shift your perception about the week ahead.  Substitute your “to do” list with “what I got done” list.   Make a commitment for just this week starting tonight to make a gratitude list before you go to bed.  Sounds corny but I bet by the end of the week your sleeping better and waking up happier.   It’s a shift that happens without you even knowing.  Slowly move your attention from what’s wrong to what’s right and you will get more of that.  You can’t think yourself into right action, but you can act yourself into right thinking!

What do you do if a child who is crying (not because it’s hurt, hungry or needs to be changed) but crying because it’s bored, needs attention or not getting something it wants? The tried and true tactic is to divert their attention.  We usually show them something else, make a silly face, you know… “hey look over here”!!  This gratitude trick is kind of the same thing.  If you are busy at looking at what you have, you forget about what you don’t have.

This is really the same theory used in a program of recovery.  Service is a huge part of staying sober.  Since Alcoholism is a mental illness the alcoholic mind will run and run.  It will come up with all sorts of ideas and little plans and schemes.  This is most apparent in early sobriety, but don’t be fooled, the Alcoholic mind doesn’t stop once you have some sobriety under your belt.  The only difference is you have a little more experience in reacting to those thoughts and ideas.

The one thing it says over and over in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is if you are having difficulty, in any area of your life, throw yourself harder into helping others. In other words get busy helping someone else, think of others, try to add to the stream of life.  While you are doing that it gives God, The Universe, whatever you believe in, time to work on your situation.  In some instances the situation will rectify itself.  You just have to keep your controlling, manipulative, grubby little hands off of it.

This is easier said than done.  Sometimes I have had to force myself to pick up the phone and call someone to check on them, say hi and see if they need anything.  Did you get that?  I didn’t say call someone and tell them your relationship troubles, your financial fears or your health issues.  I said call and see how they are and see how you can help.  This is advanced stuff and it works.  I don’t know why it works or how it works but it works.

Give it a try.  Try and add to. Be kind.  All that stuff you see on your Facebook feed.  The Perception 5 (2)key to a happier life and living with purpose is to actually do this stuff not just read about it.  What’s the worse that can happen?  Try and shift your perception and look at what’s right with the world instead of what’s wrong.  Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake.  Life becomes easier, no matter what the circumstances you are facing look for the good.  It’s a choice only made when one truly wants to change their life.

Gratefully  🙂







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  1. Thanks for your blog Karen. I do a daily “10 to win” GRATITUDE list, with my God and AA always on top.

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