Success Is Found In Your Daily Routine

I have always done better with a schedule. In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous  on Page 86 it says “Alcoholics are undisciplined, so we discipline ourselves in the simple way we have just outlined”.  It then goes on to outline a simple morning and evening meditation.  I think this Continue Reading

How to Stay Sober

Congratulations if you have just completed a substance abuse treatment program.  I know that the journey to get to treatment can be a painful one.  Detox and first few weeks can be very scary.  The thought of being without your drug of choice is terrifying and the actual detox will Continue Reading

Finding Spirituality

One of the greatest gifts I’ve received from living sober one day at a time is learning about spirituality.  I don’t think sober people are the only residents in the 4th dimension, I think there is alot of us.  It really is no different than practicing the philosophies of different Continue Reading

How to Shift Your Perception

Today is a great day to shift your perception about the week ahead.  Substitute your “to do” list with “what I got done” list.   Make a commitment for just this week starting tonight to make a gratitude list before you go to bed.  Sounds corny but I bet by Continue Reading

Outward Appearances vs. Inside Reality

I heard something the other day that has really stuck with me.  Been Rolling it around in my head for days.  So I thought I would write about it.  This process of writing has really been an extraordinary process. As you read my posts it might seem like I’m telling Continue Reading

The Magnifying Mind Of The Alcoholic

That kind of reaction has been with me all my life.  It seems like I am really good at handling big huge catastrophes but let me watch a heartwarming commercial at Christmas time and I’m a puddle of tears.  It is really no big surprise to anyone that I have Continue Reading

Dealing With Grief In Recovery

Grief is one of the most difficult of emotions to encounter.  Grief is the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss or change of any kind. The Alcoholic mind wants to be in control at all times, in chaos or in comfort.  The Alcoholic/Addict see’s things in only black and Continue Reading

The Line In The Sand

The problem with hitting rock bottom is that the bottom is a long way down.  I was raised in a wonderful Christian home with oodles of morals and values.  You would think that it wouldn’t take me long to realize that my life was becoming more and more unmanageable.  It Continue Reading


Have you ever been at the crossroad? The spot where you have to decide to go this way or that way?  It’s a terrible place to be.  Especially if you are an Alcoholic/Addict.  The moment comes in every addicts life when they know the jig is up.  The clock has Continue Reading

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