Alcoholism – How & When To Help

It is so difficult to find your role in the life of the Alcoholic/Addict.  You desperately want to help, frustrated by why they can’t just stop, angry because they won’t. It is like a roller coaster of fear, sadness and anger.  One day there is hope, the next day, disaster. Continue Reading

The Basics of Boundaries for the Codependent

I have received a lot of activity on my last two blogs on Codependency.  Codependency is a hot topic and can create passionate, oppositional views.  If you have read my previous posts explaining Alcoholism you will see that discussing Codependency with the family is one of the most powerful ways Continue Reading

Alanon Meeting in the Jacuzzi?

A friend gave me a gift certificate for a massage a couple of days ago.  It was one of those you get at a silent auction (or something like that) and so it had an expiration date. It expired December 31st.  Since she had to work the next few days Continue Reading

I Need Help, Now What?

In the alcohol/drug treatment industry this is the kick off of the busy season.  Today is the day when alcoholics/addicts say “fuck I did it again”.  Don’t worry though because the alcoholic/addict mind has a distinct way of making this somewhat bearable.  Blame and justification.  Survival tools for the alcoholic. Continue Reading

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