Codependency And The Art of Control

Control.  We all want it.  We are all ultimately trying to get it.  We want to control situations, outcomes and many times people.  I have been the controller and I have been the controlee.  LOL, I’m not sure if those are even words but I have the feeling you know Continue Reading

Success Is Found In Your Daily Routine

I have always done better with a schedule. In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous  on Page 86 it says “Alcoholics are undisciplined, so we discipline ourselves in the simple way we have just outlined”.  It then goes on to outline a simple morning and evening meditation.  I think this Continue Reading

How to Stay Sober

Congratulations if you have just completed a substance abuse treatment program.  I know that the journey to get to treatment can be a painful one.  Detox and first few weeks can be very scary.  The thought of being without your drug of choice is terrifying and the actual detox will Continue Reading

Alcoholism – How & When To Help

It is so difficult to find your role in the life of the Alcoholic/Addict.  You desperately want to help, frustrated by why they can’t just stop, angry because they won’t. It is like a roller coaster of fear, sadness and anger.  One day there is hope, the next day, disaster. Continue Reading

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